Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before ordering make sure to READ THIS for faster transaction. 


    1. Wide selection of toys and figures available in our PRE ORDER section. Carefully review the details such as the price, deadline date for pre-orders and the ETA (estimated time of arrival). 
    2. Choose between Down payment or Full Payment option.
    3. Add to cart
    4. If you are all set with your orders, click "Check out"
    5. Select a delivery method.
      • Please take note that this is not FREE SHIPPING.
      • Shipping fees will be sent to you upon arrival of items and can be paid on our available payment methods.
    6. Payments can only be done via MANUAL PAYMENT. >>
    7. Make sure that your order is confirmed/checked out via website before sending payments.
    8. After pressing 'Complete order' you will be receiving an email of your order.
    9. Orders are already confirmed after filling up for Exclusive Customers.

What are the perks of being an Exclusive Customer?

    1. NO DOWNPAYMENT on our Pre order Items
    2. Big discounts on our In Stock items 
    3. Free box protectors on all NEW BOXES Nendoroids
    4. Free shipping (T&C applies)

How to become an Exclusive Customer?

    1. Must have at least 3 successful shipment (Pre orders only)
    2. Zero cancel rate
    3. No history of being a JOY MINER/BUYER

When should i settle my pre order balances?

    1. Before pre order deadline. 
    2. No payment before pre order deadline will automatically forfeit your order.

What are your Mode of Payment & Mode of Shipment?

    1. We only have BDO, GCASH, and UB (If GCASH is full pay via bank transfer)
      • BDO SAVINGS: Judy Ann Uy / 0055-5001-9613
      • GCASH: J. Uy - 0977-832-3437 // N. Dela Cruz - 0927-037-0293
      • UnionBank: Joainna Uy / 1094-2772-6784
    2. Mode of shipment: Shopee/Lazada c/o, Same day delivery, LBC COD/COP, J&T
      • Additional Fees for Shopee/Lazada c/o: +7.5% total balance
      • For Same day delivery, BUYERS should book for themselves. Wait for our confirmation before booking. 

When can you ship out the items after arrival?

    2. Shopee/Lazada check out: 1-2 days for individual listings ; 1 day shipout
    3. LBC COD/COP: We ship every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY only.

Do you sell authentic figures or bootlegs?

    1. All of our products are from a local distributor here in the Philippines. All are authentic.

Can i cancel my orders?

    1. STRICTLY NO CANCELLATIONS ALLOWED after pre order deadline
    2. Down payments are NON REFUNDABLE.

How can I now if my figures have already arrived?

    1. We will send arrival notices via email or facebook message. (For FB Message, please message us on our page if you want to receive your order via FB)
    2. After receiving arrival notice, you ONLY have 7 DAYS to claim your order or we will automatically forfeit your order/s. (For extension of claiming you can message us on our FB Page)

What happens if i received DENT FIGURES?

    1. Photos of figures (each corner) will be sent before shipment. Due to the negligence of other couriers, we are not liable to any issues of the figure's box after shipment. 
    2. Replacement of figure should be made BEFORE SHIPMENT.

How can i transfer my order to another buyer?

    1. You can transfer it privately/on your own, but we will only continue to communicate with the original customer who filed an order via his/her email address or fb messenger.  


Nodu Toy Store has the right to update/modify details in this FAQ without prior notice.